MAZOS - The Burger Store Since 1934

To all you hamburger lovers out there,


Our family has been cooking burgers for over 75 years. We grind our beef fresh daily, and take pride in the sandwiches we serve. We invite you to stop in and try one.We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you, and would welcome your feedback.


                                        The Mazos Family,

                                    Nick, June, Jackie, and Katie


3146 S. 27th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215

Monday -Saturday 11am - 7pm


Phone:     414 - 671 - 2118
Fax:          414 - 671 - 7041


 "Mazos is a Milwaukee tradition in great hamburger making. Your visit to Milwaukee would not be complete without trying one of their bacon cheeseburgers and homemade soup. Great atmosphere, Great staff, Great food "-- Richard Gagliano

"Mazos is a place you can't help but look forward to returning to. Delicious food  at the high standard you always expect. One of Milwaukee's hidden treasures."-- Nick Seidler

"I have tried quite a few hamburger places in Milwaukee, but none can compare to this family owned hamburger haven. I love their fries and homemade shakes. Mazos is a great Milwaukee classic."-- David VanZuiden