1. Hamburger
On a Toasted Bun With Butter

2. Cheeseburger
With Swiss or American
3. Patty Melt
On grilled Rye with double Swiss

4. Bacon Burger
Topped with three slices of bacon

5. Bacon Cheeseburger
With Swiss or American

6. Mushroom Burger
topped with sautéed mushrooms

7. Mushroom Cheeseburger
With Swiss and American

8. Burger Supreme
Choice of Swiss or American, Bacon, lettuce, tomato, dressing

9. Double Hamburger
on a toasted bun with butter

10. Double Cheeseburger
with double Swiss or American

11. Ruben Grill
on Marble Rye with Thousand Island

12. Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

13. Grilled Cheese

Above Combos Can Be Ordered With Fresh Fried or Raw Onions and Includes Two Choices of the Following Items:
French Fries Cup of Soup Cole Slaw
American Fries Baked Beans Apple Sauce
Cottage Cheese

Side Orders
-French Fries
-American Fries
-Cottage Cheese
-Cole Slaw
-Apple Sauce
-Baked Beans
The Soup Kettle
Our Soups are Homemade, NEVER out of a Can
-Soups of the day
-Homemade Chili (in season)

-Fresh Garden Salad
-Soup and Salad Combination

Pepsi Diet Pepsi
Root Beer Sierra Mist
Coffee Mt. Dew
Ice Tea Orange Slice

Great Malts & Shakes
Served the Old Fashioned Way
In frosted Malt Can
Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry,
Pineapple or Vanilla

*Visa and MasterCard Accepted
*No personal Checks